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The Song of Your Soul

Your soul emits a frequency, and within that frequency, a song with an irresistible melody plays, and it gently resonates you back to it.

There is noise all around us. We create it and it surrounds us. Crashing, clattering, commotion. The maelstrom of disturbance, drowning out most of our song, inescapable noise. Yet still, a quiet hum persists for you to hear when you choose to quiet the noise and listen, it reminds you to connect once again. You must choose to tune in.

Who hears our song? Those who have also chosen to turn down the volume of the intemperate noise intrusive to the heart, and tune into our authentic chords.

How do they find the volume button? The same way you do. The tumultuous sound vibrates your core and becomes a contrivance to your crusade, instead of your abandon.

Your instruments are worn and out of tune, and yet they still play. You must tune them and you must play them. Do you desire to harmonize? You must accept the lyrics to your song have changed, you need to learn them. You must understand the notes of your melody and their resonance, in present. You need to persist in your compassion of self, and then extend outwards.

Persevere until the noise outside is not enough to drown out the song of your soul.

What a beautiful sight when our eyes are opened to the simplicities that contain a fervor for being alive.

Dance and sing today, it is the expression of your soul, eloquently sublime. Anywhere my dear, you do not need a special place. Hear the music and reveal the intimate parts of what makes you so unapologetically, beautifully, and authentically you.

Find warmth in the embers of the simple things, and remember that every moment that you take to watch the moonrise and the sunset is salient. Let these moments carve their pathway into your essence, and never hesitate to allow yourself to experience them all over again when they are long past. Let them wash over you like the fine drops of a gentle drizzle, or as fierce as a storm at sea.

Please do not hold back on what reminds you of the times your soul felt content and your flesh wrapped in a depth of love that is unrecoverable.

Do not fear the breathtaking beauty of our imperfect and real selves. Do not underestimate the power of growth and healing change, and the pain and pleasures of transformation. Do not forget how love transcends all of it.

How truly wonderful it is just to be here. How intoxicating every breath of life can be, and we contain the power to make it so.

How truthful our lucidity when we return to self, disallowing the judgements, opinions, and beliefs of others to overshadow our sight, merely a blindfold which can be removed at any moment. Remain veracious to yourself, always, even if it requires going against the grain of all you know and all everyone expects of you. At any moment you can grasp everything and nothing, all at once.

You are not stuck.

What does your soul crave? Not should, not would, not could. Who? What? Where? When?

How genuine our sight when we clear distractions, expectations, and the emptiness of social acceptability of our material depth, a never ending cup to fill.

How beautiful when we can connect our physical experiences to authentic love, how meaningful they become, the path carved deeper.

Connection triumphs attachment, and connection requires no accolades by or from anyone/thing outside of itself.

Remember your vision and manifest it, you are powerful.


Brittany Rose, Visions of Muse

Procreate 18"

Art is the intellectual property of Brittany Rose of Rose & Soul Hues

Claiming the work of, or suggesting in anyway that artworks from Rose & Soul Hues are your own or is created by you is strictly prohibited.

Copyright Rose & Soul Hues All Rights Reserved

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