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Fear and Shame Will Hold You Down In Repetitive Cycle, Love Will Awaken Your Soul and Tell You "Up."

Strong and balanced relationships require us to be healthy. No amount of spirituality, religion, belief system or echo chamber of confirmation bias can compensate for the need to take accountability for ourselves and how we behave towards others.

Do not match energy, set your tone. Remaining loyal to your authenticity will transmute negativity intended for you by others.

Do not match lower vibrations, ascend them. Trading integrity for momentary gains bolstered by ego poses the risk of spiritual and moral bankruptcy. For negative people this does not matter, but for those who are choosing to align positively, there is value in the things we can't see.

Some people, no matter what, are entirely committed to seeing you as an enemy and will find any which way to validate their poor character judgment and perpetuate negative energy, yes, they will attempt pick out every tiny little "detail that confirms it" and usually it is their own flaws they pick out, projected it on to you. Walk away from those who have had more in depth conversations about you than with you, placing bets and getting a laugh about how far they think you will fall by their own character assessment, which by the way, is the direct reflection of how far they have been willing to meet themselves.

When you are on the receiving end of someone else's malicious slander, judgment and gossip, the only story that is told is the one of themselves, with your name ornately put on it. Their own lack of personal boundaries facilitates not comprehending or respecting where they end and another person begins, a line they cannot even see.

When you conduct a hate train, do not be surprised by the negative consequences that follow on the ride down. For every action taken and choice made there is a consequence.

People who are committed to slander have nothing accurate, important, or helpful to contribute, they are simply uncomfortable with the dire need to focus on their growth and take accountability for the role they play in their own lives and the choices they have made to be where they are. They simply enjoy the sound of their own voice, and in this frequency, their voice is like nails on a chalkboard to your soul, so change the channel. They need to heal, and you are not the one that can make them. No amount of love can fill a cup that a person purposefully empties, you will only drain yourself.

Let go of this energy, what is meant for you will see your light and cherish it. Do not engage in games and mental gymnastics. Wish them health and healing, and carry on.

If someone is communicating about you but not with you, that is destructive behavior in the interest of self only.

We have a responsibility for ourselves and for our behaviors towards others, not the other way around. You are not responsible for others. When you are at war with yourself and others, destruction is imminent, so put down the weapons and learn to harness your energy inward to transform them into tools. The healing of you will radiate out, and this is the meaning of truly loving one another.

Embrace your darkness and your light, accept who you are in its entirety, love demands you whole. The root core of your pain is how you view yourself from a wounded place, go to the source and hold that pain gently, and envision you holding this wounded warrior and surrounding him/her/them in a warm glow, there is no shame, love demands our truth be told and our wounds unhidden.

When the light breaks through those cracks, what is illuminated can't be unseen, and what will follow can finally be a choice you make, not a burden carried through "what you've always known."

One moment at a time, one step at a time, progress is not linear and there are setbacks and challenges, however, you are constantly evolving and transforming. You are enough. You are allowed and deserving to be loved unconditionally.

The hardest work you will ever do is to put yourself through the pain of healing and to put yourself on the narrow path, which is quite lonely, and God knows this world and everything outside of us makes it almost impossible to connect with ourselves by providing an abundance of distractions, but you are able to make the conscious choice to withdraw yourself from the race to nowhere, turn around, and run straight into your own arms, and to embrace yourself with unconditional love, no matter how far you've fallen you are worthy of genuine, authentic love.

As uncomfortable as growth is, metamorphosis is necessary in order to transcend pain and to experience peace. When you respect your spirit and utilize the power of love, you will surely live a fulfilling and abundant life, safe within the arms of authenticity.

You will face many battles and challenges in this life, but you will be armed to face every single one of them with a powerful ability to disarm fear.

Fear and shame will hold you down in a repetitive cycle, love will awaken your soul and tell you "up."

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