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Brittany Rose

Artist / Writer/ Teacher / Mother / Healer

"Life inspires us through the hues of our journey. Who we are as creators, rules our legacy."

- b. Rose

I will share any part of me that can serve as a lighthouse for another amidst the storm that is called healing.

One of the loneliest and hardest paths chosen to walk down is breaking the cycle of generational trauma.


What I write about is the wisdom I've gathered along a painful path, through the hues of my journey. We should not suffer in the silence of our pain and what haunts us. We are not fated to our chains. We are capable of immense change, and that begins with the transmutation of our shame into love by radically loving and accepting ourselves right now in this present moment, and allowing our truths to be illuminated.


Whatever it is we wish to release, we must first be willing to hold.

To hold it means to acknowledge its existence, say its name, and observe the lessons from it.

Growth happens in what is discomforting to us, what is painful, and through acknowledgement of our pain, how we have been traumatized, and how we have wounded others.

If you are walking this path, you are not alone.

If you are trying to figure out how to walk this path, you are not alone.

If you are making an attempt at being a better human in any way you know how to right now, you are not alone.

Every small, intentional step you take towards better is a meaningful step towards love and connectedness.

A meaningful and purposeful life awaits as you bring your authentic self forward to be loved genuinely and unconditionally by you.

- b. Rose

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